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Welcome To My New Blog!

Updated: May 3, 2020

Welcome to my first blog post! My name is Shalisha of S.L Smith Admin Services. I started my business a little over a year ago. Although I have extensive experience in this industry, setting up my own business was a huge learning curve. I am so excited to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

Why I Started My Blog

I've been wanting to start a blog for a while but like many others, I thought ‘what could I possibly write about that would be of value to people? When a close friend of mine recently began the process of setting up her business, I realised how much knowledge I had gained that I was able to pass on to her. The third time she said “girl! Thank you so much! That would have taken me at least 2 hours to figure out” I had an 'aha! moment'. I thought, there are so many things that go into setting up and maintaining the back office of a business why not share what I have picked up along the way. That’s what will be of value!

I am super excited to start sharing concise, practical skills and information, that readers can implement immediately to get their business running more efficiently.

What You Can Expect From My Blog

I aim to provide easy to understand ‘how-to’ type guidance on various aspects of business administration.

From managing your bookkeeping and email marketing platforms to keeping your website up-to-date and sharing recommendations for useful online business tools.

Although my blog is geared towards newbie freelancers, business owners and professionals; if you have been on your business journey for a while and you want to get to grips with the basics of creating organised and streamlining admin processes for your business - you're in the right place! Among my family and friends, I am known as or should I say, teased about being a 'professional organiser,' I admit I am always creating schedules, charts and checking off my to-do list, even in my daily life. Hey, what can I say when things are in order it brightens up my day. I read a lot of productivity and self-improvement books so it's only right I share the important tidbits and insights I gain, so you can implement them too - without having to read the whole book!

Start As You Mean To Go On When you join the self-employed club a major aspect you have to get accustomed to is all the different hats you now have to wear. Whilst you try to get to grips with all your new roles, admin can often get left until the last minute. 'That can wait 'til later' mindset may kick in when there are other more important things to think about like finding leads. Leaving a task 'til later' can often cause it to grow, Something that might have taken a few hours evolves into something more complex and time-consuming leading you down an overwhelming hole that is hard to get out of. Whether you’re a novice business owner or a veteran in the game by taking the time to put processes in place, you will save your self from having to put on yet more headgear - a firefighter’s hat, trying to put out little fires everywhere!

Dedicating time to streamline your back-office processes will create consistency and efficiency in your business which will ultimately save you time, money, and peace of mind. This, in turn, will transcend to how your clients/customers experience the service or products you are offering them.

As I sign out I’ll leave you with 3 things you can do to get you on the road to getting your back office running more effectively.

3 Ways To Streamline Your Business Administration

1.Declutter your inbox

What's the number one thing almost every business owner dreads? Yep, you guessed it - going through their emails. That sinking feeling you get when you log in and you’re welcomed by 67 unread emails, just deciding which ones need to be responded to first is a task in itself. Or you’re trying to find the email with the invoice you sent to a client 2 weeks ago but can’t remember what the subject line said. Even if you have started a new email account and have barely any incoming mail, by simply creating folders and adding filters; as well as setting up email templates and automation; you will be well on your way to an organised, easily searchable inbox. Your email inbox should look like a to-do list rather than a communication junkyard.

2. Get your bookkeeping routine in order

Deciding how you will keep a record of your finances and manage your bookkeeping is one of the first things every new business owner or freelancer should do, even before you get your first client/customer. Decide what accounting software you will use, create folders on your laptop or PC to file your paperwork throughout the year. If you decide you want to outsource your bookkeeping get accountant recommendations from your business networks and schedule an education call. If you put these things in place when tax season rolls around and its time to submit your self-assessment you’ll be happy you’re not running around like a headless chicken.

3. Outsource some of your admin

There is another option if you simply don’t have the time. You could outsource your admin tasks. There are a variety of tasks an administrator or virtual assistant could complete, to enable you to focus on the areas of your business that only you can deal with. From email and website management, online customer support, or formatting and scheduling your blog posts. An experienced administrator who knows their way around particular software will take half the time you would and may have some extra tips and tricks up their sleeve that you may not have thought of.

Over and Out

One of the things I love about my role as an administrator is that feeling of accomplishment I get when I help fellow freelancers and business owners turn their frustrations into triumphs, by giving them the gift of more time in their day! Knowing that I played a part in allowing them to have a flexible lifestyle that makes room for a personal life, as well as the space to improve and build their business or service.

I’m SO excited to start sharing content that will be of benefit to you.

I hope that you will subscribe to my blog and be an active participant! Feel free to comment, share your tips, recommendations, and thoughts with me and others!

Being a business owner is a never-ending journey of learning and I’m coming along with you for the ride.

Are there any areas in your business that you know you need to get on top of but you keep putting off? Let me know in the comments below.

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