Content Management System  Administration

Creating engaging content is time-consuming let alone all the effort needed to get it prepared to be sent out to your customers/clients via the world wide web. 


Once you create your content I work behind the scenes to prepare and refine it so you can be the

front-runner and centre your attention on your creativity and strategy.  

If you're feeling bogged down with the boring admin bits then I just might be your solution.

I do what I love so you can do what you love. Schedule a time for a free consultation to discuss further.

CMS Administration 

Plan Type: Retainer/Project 
  • formatting, editing and scheduling blog posts

  • adding and amending tags

  • basic SEO and optimisation  

  • research for content creation

  • updating images and checking site links 

  • updating content or products 

Business Tools 

CMS Systems 
  • WordPress

  • Square Space

  • Wix  

Project Management 
  • Click-up

  • Trello

  • To-dist

  • Gmail Suite

  • Outlook 

  • Office 365

South London 

United Kingdom

E: shalisha.l.smith@gmail.com

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working times vary. I will respond within 24 hours.

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