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Hours Of Operation: 

Monday -  Friday

11:00am - 8:00pm 

Hours are changeable

South London, UK

GP Admin 


Hiring a permanent member of staff is not always a viable option. By outsourcing your admin tasks to me you save yourself time and money. Because I am self employed There are no overhead costs, training or employee benefits to provide like sick leave.


I am ready to hit the ground running with little to no support owing to the fact that I have worked at all levels of administration within GP practices and secondary care for 14 years as well as a Service Improvement Facilitator for a GP Federation. See My Work History 

If you would like to release some of the pressure review my services below and get in touch today!

 £15 p/h


The basic package is for simple everyday tasks that may be backlogged such as:

  •  Input patient registrations 

  •  Document scanning 

  •  Workflow Tasks 

  •  Processing incoming mail 

£18 p/h


The standard package is for general administration support including tasks such as: 

  • Summarising of patient notes 

  • GP Links management 

  • Patient Prescriptions

  • Patient Recall 

  • Read code tidy up / Running of searches 

  • eReferrals, typing referral letters and reports 

£25 p/h


This package is for support with all higher level tasks such as: 

  • Set up/create population reporting searches

  • Set up/create admin / eConsult processes 

  • Develop process manuals for practice staff

  • Training of Admin Staff / managers

  • Produce, update and amend practice Emis templates

  • Admin support in the run up to a CQC visit

  • Management of Practice Website / eConsult 

  • Management of batch patient communication on systems such as MailChimp 

  • All other higher level admin tasks

Billing and Payment 

Depending on your needs you can hire me on a PAYG basis, on a monthly retainer or for a specific project. 


If you require adhoc support or assistance during a busy period depending on my availability  I will work with you on an hourly basis according to one of the above package tiers. 

I will send you an invoice weekly or bi-weekly along with a detailed work report for that period. 


By hiring me on a retainer your required hours will be guaranteed and you will be a priority over PAYG clients.

Payment will be required on a monthly basis according to your practices usual payroll dates. I will send you an invoice along with a detailed time report of work carried out.