Professional Minute Taking 

I am available to attend meetings in person as well as over zoom or another digital platform in order to take comprehensive notes to ensure that staff can focus on playing an active part in the meeting.


Before The Meeting

In order to produce the most accurate minutes as possible, clients are required to send relevant information ahead of the meeting. This may include:

  • A list of expected attendees  

  • An agenda for the meeting 

  • Minutes of the last meeting

  • Any related documents and company information. 

Note Taking  

Rate: Full-Day: £240 / Half-day: £120


The length of a meeting is based on an 8 hour day. If the meeting is over-run, the client will be charged for the additional time.


During the meeting, notes will be taken using a laptop. The meeting will be recorded using a dictaphone or speechnotes software.  

A travel rate will only be included where the venue is more than 30 minutes travel time. 

Production of Minutes 

Rate: £25 p/h 

A final draft of the minutes will be completed within 24-48 hours of the meeting being adjourned. An invoice will be sent to the client. Once payment is received, the draft will be transferred to the client for approval via email or uploaded onto a file-sharing site.

The client will have 48 hours to request any amendments free of charge. Any requests made after this grace period will be charged at the hourly rate.

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