I have worked within the NHS as a senior administrator in both primary and secondary care, as well as a service improvement facilitator for a GP federation. As a result, I provide expert back-office administration support to support with streamlining processes and achieving KPI and QoF targets. 

Clinical Notes Summarising 

Back Office Admin 

*Higher Level Admin

  • Train admin and clinical staff 

  • Create searches and templates 

  • Creation of an annual review recall process

Software Capabilities 

  • Emis Web

  • EZ Analytics 

  • Level 3 Microsoft Excel 

  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint 

  • Microsoft Teams and Outlook 

  • Culling and sorting patient letters  

  • Producing an accurate summary of the patient’s medical history

  • Coding the information into the practice clinical system

  • Managing electronic GP2GP links and resolving degraded information 

  • Run population reporting searches 

  • update Emis templates 

  • Create and manage QoF recall 

  • Clean up overdue diary entries 

  • Checking incoming lab reports and   test results

  • Processing and following up on    patient referrals as instructed by the clinical team


To be paid monthly 

If this is your first time working with me, you are unsure how much time your task requires or you only have adhoc tasks Pay As You Go may be best for you. Your invoice will be sent to you at the end of the month.


To be paid in advance

By retaining the time you need, you will have priority over my PAYG clients. If you need support with regular ongoing tasks, a retainer may be a better fit for you. Your invoice will be sent to you before work commences.

Custom Rate

To Be Agreed 

Some tasks are easier to set at a fixed price. One-off projects or bespoke tasks rates and payment methods will be agreed upon depending on the scope of the work. I mainly work remotely, however, there are exceptions where onsite work is required.

Standard hourly rate: £12 - £15 depending upon the level of expertise required for a task 

Higher-level hourly rate: £25 

A minimum of one hour is required.

I will send you a detailed time report along with your invoice 


Let's Streamline Your Practice Processes!

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