My Background 

Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 15 Years' Experience

I have worked for over a decade with various institutions within the NHS, private healthcare and other government bodies.


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In 2019 I needed a change and greater independence of work. I decided to utilise my administrative skills as a freelancer to create a happy work-life balance as well as allow me the freedom to do 100% of what I love.  

And so began the journey of running my own business... 

I love helping people to achieve their desired objectives. As a business owner myself, I am committed and invested in providing an organised and efficient service for my clients, because their success ensures my business is a success! 

What to expect when working with me  


Goal-driven: I am a highly motivated self-starter, who gets things done on time. If there is a problem I will figure out a way to fix it.


Altruistic: I have a gift for making people feel at ease. I am calm, thoughtful and adaptable in my thinking.  

Deliberate: I am a natural organiser and pride myself on going the extra mile to exceed my clients' expectations. 

Benefits of A Freelance Administrator?

Hiring a permanent member of staff is not always a viable option. By outsourcing your admin tasks to an independent contractor you save yourself both time and money!

Hiring a self-employed administrator means: 

No Overhead Costs 

Tasks can be completed remotely so you do not need to provide the usual employee amenities 

No Training Required

Being an expert in my field means I can begin working on your tasks right away.


No Employee Benefits

I pay my own taxes and I do not require staff benefits such as sick leave,  annual leave pay etc.

No Appraisals

As an independent contractor  an appraisal does not need to be carried out. 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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