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South London, UK


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The S.L SMITH | Virtual Admin Services


My name is Shalisha Smith, I am Freelance Virtual Administrator based in South London. 

I have over 14 years professional administrative experience within various healthcare settings. Including, GP Surgeries, Hospitals, and various Children and Adult Mental Health services.


I started my freelance career to enable me the freedom to do what I love - helping people to find solutions to problems and achieve their desired business objectives. I deplored the days of being chained to an office desk, my goal is to restore and consistently maintain a healthy work-life balance for myself and my clients.

As a Freelancer I have worked with a range of business owners, freelancers and professionals. From an online fitness coach needing support with managing his social media client queries; revamping a one page website for a mobile hairdresser to designing social media graphics and a poster advertising a freelance video editor's services and managing the website and patient email campaigns for managers of GP Practices.


I am often labelled the "organisation queen" wherever there is chaos I can not help but to start putting things in order. I love working with and exploring new software and gadgets. I have a logical mind and enjoying figuring things out and finding solutions. Unlike most people, spending an evening putting together Ikea furniture is my idea of bliss. 

 Read more about about the benefits of working with me below.

I constantly up skill myself by going on courses, reading books and listening to self development and business podcasts. I use my acquired expertise to expand on the capabilities of my client's business, improving the quality and efficiency of their back end administration. I am also  responsible, personable, and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

Hiring a permanent member of staff is not always a viable option. By outsourcing your admin tasks to me you save yourself time and money with no need to hire and manage an employee. You only sign off the completion of a task(s) or project. Because I am self employed There are no overhead costs, training or employee benefits to provide like sick leave.

As a busy professional you will often have a list of "to do's" and not enough time to do them.

I will always look out   for opportunities for me to save you time, effort and bring value to your business. I am a self starter with a no hand holding policy. If I need a little more knowledge to get a particular task completed, I will use my initiative and network to seek out a solution in my own time.